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They love you then need you
Scammers will tell you they have fallen in love with you within the first few messages or chats. They will immediately use terms like baby, honey, sweetie, cutie, etc. Some will even tell you that they deleted their profile from the site because they have found "the one" but actually, when a scammer tells you that, it's usually because they were reported by members and the site deleted them. They may also insist that you delete your profile as well but it's only part of their plan to totally get you away from the site.
Message from an actual scammer
There is just something about the autumn air that makes me feel at ease and open to love. It's hard to describe the emotion churning inside my body, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
Message from an actual scammer
the payment information you are to send down the money to as soon as possible via western union money transfer this morning because i really need it this morning urgently at this moment.
They work fast then hit you before you can think about what you are doing
Scammers like to work as fast as possible when that feeling of meeting someone new is fresh and when the smallest flags can be overlooked or simply ignored. Although we have seen some scammers at times take as long as three years before attempting their scam, that is rare and not their normal way of operating.
As soon as they think they have you baited, then comes the hook. They want to come back home to be with you but suddenly something terrible happens to them or their "kid", as they call them, like getting hurt, robbed, sick, clients won't pay, the hotel is keeping their stuff or holding them hostage until they pay their bill or some other false reasons and you are the only person that can help them and you must do it ASAP.

Try not to get so wrapped up in a picture of someone that you ignore inconsistencies, flags and warning signs