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The Scam Police
This topic is not really about scammer awareness but about answering a question we get asked a lot. When you are scammed by someone in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else overseas, who do you report it to? Who is the Scam Police? Unfortunately, There is no such thing as the "Scam Police" and there is nobody to report to that can do anything about it except for scammer awareness sites like this. Most law enforcement agencies have a computer crimes division that investigates local and Federal computer crimes but nothing as far as 419 or romance type scams unless on a very large scale and even with that, the scam must be done from a country that cooperates with the authorities.
Conversation with real police
The Real Police
Yes, technically she was scammed but she did send the money by her own free will so there is nothing we can do. If he did commit a crime, there is still nothing that we can do because he is overseas and out of our jurisdiction
Conversation with real police
The Real Police
It doesn't matter why he said he needed money. We both know she got scammed but look at it this way. If a guy on the street asked you for $5 for food and you saw him buy beer instead, do you think we could arrest him for "scamming" you?
Is there anyone that can do anything about scammers?
Because of jurisdiction issues, lack of cooperation and the corruption in many countries, there is nothing law enforcement can do to arrest and prosecute the scammers but there are many others that can do somthing that would be a great help in preventing people from getting scammed. The first and foremost would be the social networking and dating sites themselves. Since these are the main "open door" to the public, the best way to keep them from the public is to just "close the door". There are many ways this can be done. The number one way would be to block regions that are known for scammers such as Nigeria, Ghana, many parts of Africa and Malaysia and many others.
Blocking scammer regions, message filtering and reviewing profile pictures by an actual human would be the best place to start which would eliminate the majority of scammers even getting onto a site and getting to their members. The problem is that the sites must decide what is more important, high member numbers and traffic or member safety and sadly, many sites choose high member numbers and traffic.

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