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 Sat Jul 30 2011  01:54pm
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charles smith - Smith Charles
Because you`re a beautiful person, I wanted to send something beautiful to you.
Because you always fill my world with laughter and happiness, I wanted to send something bright to you. Because our friendship is true, I wanted to send some pink roses to you. It`s not much, but I hope this greeting will do. In my own special way, I just wanted to let you know that you`re in my thoughts today, and I`m sending some good wishes your way. CHARLES XOXOXOXOXO
Good Morning ****** Waking up, looking at you and knowing the sun is high in the blue- I realize everything is beautiful. Feeling you brush across my cheek brings my morning to its peak- I realize everything is beautiful. Sipping my coffee, I look into your eyes Ones full of life, joy, love and surprise- I realize everything is beautiful. Love, you don`t know what you do But every move... makes me more in love with you. So, Good Morning, Beautiful. You are My Everything. Charles xoxoxoxoxo
It`s hard to describe myself when I`m still trying to figure out who I am and where I fit into this world. I still feel like a young boy playing around in a grown-ups world and I like that. I like still seeing the world with awe and wonder, with a whole lot of wisdom thrown in.

I`m kinda quiet and a little shy, but I can crack a joke with the best of them (my brother really gets me going...). I love to laugh (especially at myself), and think that I`m smarter than I really am :). I love John Wayne, chocolate, family and kind people. Psych and Monk are hysterical and I`ve memorized almost every line in the Thin Man movies.

I really look for a positive attitude in people, there is enough negativity in the world without adding too it. Each day is a gift and I like being around people who understand that and appreciate it with passion and joy.
I am loyal, friendly, smart, competitive, fun, reliable and extremely determined – at least that’s how my friends normally describe me! Although I am far from perfect, I always strive to do the right thing. I like to coach people and whenever possible I volunteer my time.

I am very adventurous and enjoy a wide range of activities, including watching and practicing various sports, reading, politics, traveling, cultural events, and fine food and wine. I have a strong relationship with my family, from whom I learned the importance of traditional values, faith, and hard work.

I am a very social individual, whom has been blessed with good friends around the world. I am gregarious and anyone who meets me is instantly surprised at my level of energy and sense of humor. I have worked hard to build up my professional career and my priority now is to build a meaningful relationship.

I am hoping to find a smart woman with strong values and a good sense of humor; someone with whom to laugh, talk, travel, enjoy life, and more importantly, with whom to start a great family.
Greetings my dear. wow what a gorgegous profile you have here.. am Charles from USA-Texas and wil like us to be friend`s and get to know each other more.. please do you care for a chat?? am a widower and you..... Charles
Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the replies he receives from Facebook when reporting scammers using his pictures
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
delimi       9/22/2012
reported on - Tagged account cancelled
Anonymous    3/6/2012
Also on Netlog smithcare49, same photographs !!!
Anonymous    3/5/2012
I have met him on a dating site, the pictures idicated are of him said he was doctor in England, and was gong on conference in Atlanta for a few days, was on instant chat got really close, from there he was so called sent to Ghana Accra to give instruction to a doctors at a new hospital, on arrival he said that his card would not be accepted at ATM and bank could not help for a few days as it was the weekend, begged me to send money and I was fool and sent £1000 via money gram because he had to pay the hotel cash to enable him to stay at the Agerico Hotel alarm bells rang, but I believed him, asked fo his address and he gave a me a bogus address of a public house who had never heard of him, or on the GMC register, so it goes on he obviously denied it, that he was wary of bogus people on the internet, please be aware and gulable like me, he is a charmer, sends flowers and beautiful ecards.Also there is a surprise waiting and to keep a secret not to tell anyone as his life depends on it
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