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We have this scammer's real picture(s). The picture(s) with a red border is the real scammer picture(s)
All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Sun Oct 10 2010  09:42am
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Tampa Cake Girl
- Everything Baking, Cooking And Food
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Names Used, Profile Information & Emails/Messages Sent
Updated on:  8/25/2013     
David Boateng - Kofi B - Don Flize - Gerald Adotey - kelvin - Joebrasca Jacobs
well nice to hear from u u look soo nice to me and i look ur profile well can u send ur email to me so i can add me and chat there so we can no more about each other well i hope hear bfrom u soon but u can also add me on ..davidboateng13@yahoo.com...david_boateng_love_1@hotmail.com..plsss add me now because i am online now thanks u sooo much god bless u
hello how are you doing ok pls let me know something about the money ok i really love you yeah i still need this my id let chat know more the money ok or this is my number 233279134604 or you can live yours ok by my love

your lover david
baby when will you be ready so that i send the information to you if you are ready let me know so that i send as fart as you cab get it ok bye i love
david boateng: hello how are you?

Scam Buster: sorry who are u?

david boateng: im david boateng .........................................................find me on fb donflize

Scam Buster: donflize?

david boateng: thats is how my friends call me Don Flize

Scam Buster: does your name means anything?

david boateng: it means i have money

Scam Buster: searching there for u,sorry cant find u

david boateng: search there for gerald adotey

Scam Buster: ur david or gerald?

david boateng: have got many names but my real name is david boateng.search there for me please.....................................
am cool and good guy

hello am kelvin looking a a good reletionship

skype account is davidboateng96
Twitter: Ghanaslebron

So dope by any means all day. Ghana.
Profiles with pictures of John Mageau:
1. arthur_morrison350@yahoo.com
2. brucksomari@yahoo.com
3. colincaughey@yahoo.com
4. davidboateng13@yahoo.com
5. davidkendall844@yahoo.com
6. douglaslute@yahoo.com
7. engrgregcadwell@yahoo.com
8. enochveneto@rocketmail.com
9. ericgoodluck28@yahoo.com
10. franketers@yahoo.co.uk
11. franklynwills@hotmail.com
12. genmcflynnjohn101@yahoo.com
13. james_howard90@yahoo.com
14. jeffmorgan10165@yahoo.com
15. jeffreyjohnson876@yahoo.com
16. john.calkins_21@yahoo.com
17. johnnymorrison2001@gmail.com
18. johnwilliamsw09@hotmail.com
19. jones_braid@yahoo.com
20. love.samuel19@yahoo.com
21. markbranham18@yahoo.com
22. markdaniel8144@hotmail.com
23. markterry267@yahoo.com
24. markwalter46@yahoo.com
25. mll.david@yahoo.com
26. mll.david111@yahoo.com
27. perfecthappylove51@yahoo.com
28. peterbenas112@yahoo.com
29. randymorgan_2010@yahoo.com
30. raymond.chandler48@ymail.com
31. ricknielsen555@yahoo.com
32. robertlove02@yahoo.com
33. seanbenjamin43@live.com
34. smithfrank832@yahoo.com
35. tompartrick1966@yahoo.com
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
Anonymous    1/13/2014
He said is name was frank Williams and a son called Dennis living in New York is wife had died he said at first based in Iran now Afghanistan using Skype
Anonymous    10/20/2013
He's using this pic on site called tagged...under jadah j. 46 new york city...don't know if this helps..but man in pic with this user name matches one above..just recently contacted me...
Anonymous    9/7/2013
yes this pic is used in various profiles on confirio ,besocial.com , just y'day i checked and reported his every profiles to site ,
Anonymous    9/7/2013
I wrote to him on Confirio and told him that he was busted. I work with the local authorities, FBI, and a detective myself. I made known that he was busted and his picture, profile, residences, age, and the entire background check went worldwide/nationwide on the internet. I informed him that we knew where he is and will be arrested in the not too distant future. Trust me we will get him as we have gotten over 700 men/women scammers just from Confirio.com in the last three months. Confirio.com returned the letter that we sent them to inform them that we were having their site shut down. They don't have the right address under their contact section.
Site Moderator    9/3/2013
Please send any information you have to contact@pigbusters.net. Thank you.
Anonymous    9/3/2013
I dont know if this will help. He is on the australian dating sites. I have his current email and same photo. He told me he is in the us army and is based over in afganastan. He is a medical doctor and he is retiring in 2 months. I have sent current info via email with photo.
Site Moderator    8/31/2013
Thank you all for sharing what websites this sammer is active on but what we really need is the email address he is using for each website. Thank you.
Anonymous    8/31/2013
He is on Confirio under all kinds of different names
marlene       8/30/2013
He have a new profile in TAGGED
marlene       8/30/2013
Frank H
Last Active:58 minutes ago Profile Views: 126 times Profile Skin: Default Member Since: August 22, 2013 hi5 Gender: Male Location: STOCKHOLM, Sweden Age: 47
What's New
happy face       8/27/2013
this scammer also goes by robert papp on facebook id,
Landryr       8/25/2013
This scammer also goes by johnnhomer@yahoo.co, so called Captain in the army
Anonymous    8/25/2013
Skype is also for as Richard Bowen
vwill       1/27/2013
He is on perfectmatch using Edward M also using Edward Holmes
Anonymous    9/2/2012
http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=5973086756 and again!!
delimi       8/6/2012
http://www.meeting42.com/quick_search.php?search_type=1&relation=0&sel=search&flag_country=0&gender_1=1&gender_2=1&age_min=18&age_max=18 - nick godman1
Anonymous    8/6/2012
http://www.tagged.com/profile.html?uid=5972417901 hes reappearred
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