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All pictures without a red border are innocent victims that had their pictures stolen by scammers
 Thu Aug 30 2018  11:26am
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The person you are communicating with using the email address may be using a different picture with you than what we have. Scammers sometimes use different pictures on each site, change pictures often or claim to have had their identity stolen. It does not matter what picture(s) this scammer uses, the person using this email address is a verified scammer.
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Thomas Bobby
Hello Dear.

How are you doing? am so glad that you want us to get to know each other.

I am Thomas Edward. I live in Indianapolis,Indiana .I am 70 years (February 19 1948) 5.9ft, gray white hair, brown eyes, A Spanish/American man. I was born in Madrid. My Mother hailed from Spain and my Father is America. I lost my parents in an auto crash at a very tender age of 10. I had been the only child of my parents. My lovely aunt took me to California. She has a little foster home taking care of orphaned kids. That`s where i grew up and learned the principles of life. Though she had no children of hers, she took care of all the kids like her own children. She passed away at the age of 71 due to her illness (Diabetes). She was such a great aunt. Since then I moved on to start a life of my own. I have 1 Child (Michael) and he`s 24 years old. I was Once married to a Loving and caring woman until death took her away from me 5 years ago. She died of Cancer of the Brain (Brain Tumor). It was a shock to me but i had to let go. I believe death is certain to everybody in life. We all have to pray for long life, so i am looking for a serious and long term relationship, someone to start a new life with.

I`m a Petroleum Engineer, an independent Oil and Natural Gas Expert/Consultant. I have been working as an individual contractor for 10 years now, after working in various capacities for government agencies and big private companies both home and overseas. I focus mainly on renovation and relay of oil pipeline and gas tanks. I`m also a natural gas pipeline expert for consulting on pipeline restart, safety and regulations.

II own my Condo Apartment and own my business. I have a great sense of humor, love to tease with good jokes, love to cook, talk about positive things. I am easy going and open minded person, easily get along with love and respect. I like reading historical and business oriented books, traveling is also something I`m used to right from while I was growing up. I will tell you more about what I like as we get to know each other more.

I`m looking for a special friend, who is going to be my best friend, my confidant, partner and who wants to spend the rest of her life with me. Someone who is ready to develop a great relationship based on true friendship. To be honest, it hurts been lonely, coming back from work and meeting no one at home, right now is time to change that. I need someone who will always be worried about me, someone who will always care about me, committed and dedicated to me and love me unconditionally. Distance shouldn`t be a problem to us at all for the fact that we are ready to get to know more about each other and moreover i don`t mind relocating for the right relationship that comes my way.. My goal is to look for sweet and lovely woman. It would be nice if the next person I meet also enjoys some sort of an active, healthy lifestyle. An attitude and willingness to stay active and involved socially is attractive to me. I`m 70, but stay active and physically fit through exercise and sports. I really feel and look much younger than my chronological age. So feel free to form your own opinion after you`ve met me. My son wants me with a woman to spend the rest of my life..he doesn`t want me to be alone anymore because i have been lonely for a long time. Hope you can be able to understand my feelings and let us build a relationship based on honesty, trust and sincerity.

Here I have my picture for you to see. Hope to hear from you soon.

I Care.
Thomas Edward
Colonel Bryan Denny has been impersonated by scammers and has met with Facebook personally about the issue
See the replies he receives from Facebook when reporting scammers using his pictures
All comments are about the scammers and not the innocent people in the pictures
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