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What do scammers do with the money?
"It makes me sad to scam but I must get money to feed my family"
Never, ever believe a scammer - Even when they admit they are a scammer
Many times when a scammer is busted by someone, they will either get very mean and threatening or they will take the "poor me" approach which is also a scam attempt to try and get more money. This is what Pepe Limo is doing in conversation #1 below when a lady got him to admit he was a scammer.
But in conversation #2, he is bragging to his scammer friend about money he has just received from a victim. The two terms the scammers use are padi which means hookup or referral and Maga, often referred to as Mugu meaning "fool" but also sometimes referred to as daddy riches for male victims or suga momma for female victims.
Pepe playing the poor scammer - #1
Pepe Limo: Honey am not who i say i am
Pig Busters: who are you really?
Pepe Limo: Don't know how to tell you this
Pig Busters: just tell me because I have a pretty good idea
Pepe Limo: Am a scam
Pig Busters: please I paid enough to get that much from you
Pepe Limo: Well i'm only doing this cos we are very poor and i can't afford to school here
Pepe Limo: I don't care if i get reported and get caught cos i do deserve it.
Pepe Limo: did it cos wanted to support my family
Pepe bragging to his friend about it - #2
Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: bad boy u don get money forget ur padi
Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: ik how far wetin dey which site dey pay now
Pepe Limo: All site dey pay nah to catch the right Maga Man...LOL
The above translated to English:
Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: you're bad, you got money don't forget to pay me
Ibrahim Adekunle Oladapo: what site is best for scamming
Pepe Limo: all sites are good just find the right victims with money...LOL
Scammers love to show off
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
Real Scammer Pic
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Try not to get so wrapped up in a picture of someone that you ignore inconsistencies, flags and warning signs