Signs you may be dealing with a scammer  

WARNING: NEVER give your personal information to anyone you meet on a social networking/dating site. These days, it is just too dangerous. If you are talking to anyone who does not understand this, that should be a big red flag. Even if they want to "send you something, a surprise". This is a very common tactic used by scammers to get your address and other personal information.


There are many similarities in the way scammers communicate, set up their personal profiles, etc. This is a comprehensive list of the things you can do to check to see if you may be dealing with a scammer. Please note that if someone has some of these similarities, it does not mean they are a scammer for sure. Everyone should take these into consideration and make their own conclusion or decision as to whether or not they want to continue communicating with an individual. If you have something that you think might be a benefit to others by adding it to this list, please let us know. You can use the CONTACT form to submit your suggestion.


Some of the more popular items they want you to receive and ship to them are laptops, cell phones, ipods, shoes & clothing. These are very  popular items on the black market in Nigeria, Ghana and Africa.

The most popular "gifts" they want to send you are flowers, chocolate & teddy bears. Most likely purchased with stolen credit cards/info.


Do they want you to send money for ANY reason?

Do they want you to receive/ship merchandise for ANY reason?

Do they want you to cash checks/money orders for ANY reason?

Do they want credit card/bank account information for ANY reason?




Using Yahoo, Google, Dogpile, etc., search the internet for their email address. Check to make sure it does not show up on any scam buster web sites. You can also search for their ID (email address without the domain name included).

Look to see if there are other profiles set up on other web sites. If you find that there are, check all of the profiles for consistency in the information provided. ie: age, location, pics they are using, about me, etc.




Check the comments on their profile by other users. Sometimes, you will see right away if they are someone you think is worth even talking to.


Compare the number of profile views with the number of comments. A profile that has an unusually high amount of views in a short period of time and little or no comments is sometimes a sign that they are sending out "form" emails to everyone and/or deleting warnings or comments so others cannot be warned.


Look for comments that may say something like "thanks for the add" and see if that person is still on their friends list. Many times when people realize they are talking to a scammer, they will remove them from their friends and even block them but most do not go back and remove any comments they have posted to the profile.


Check out the people on their friends list. Many scammers will set up phony profiles around the same time they set theirs  up. They do this to make their profiles look more legit. Also, check the friends list of their friends. With the exception of maybe one or two, is everyone on everyone's list? Are the profiles not filled out completely? Do most of them have something like "welcome to the site" posted on their comments by each other? This will usually be the first comment on a new profile. (This can be a little time consuming but if you are really interested on someone, it is worth being safe than sorry).


Take notice of the spelling, grammar, etc. on the profile. Is it consistent with the email you received? Many scammers will "copy & paste" from other profiles to build theirs. Also look at the overall content. Are there parts that seem to make no sense? Are there sections that are "chopped off" and not completed.


Do all of their pics look like "models" or professionally taken?

Is there a % in the file name? (could have been copied from a web page)

Is the pic very poor quality, blurred or too small?

Does the pic match the description they give of themselves?

Do they change their pics often on their profile?

Does the name of their pic (ex: kelvin.jpg) match the name they use on their profile?


Are they some type of engineer, model, community service, volunteer or contractor?

Do they live in one country but are working in another?

Do they seem to not know much about the city they live in?

Do they refer to their city by state, city then country?

Do they not know or get confused about what time it is?


Does it start with hello angel, sweetie, cutie, princess, etc.?

Is their spelling, grammar, etc. very different from their profile?

Do they tell you their name followed by "by name"?

Do they give you their age, location, etc. even though it is on the profile?

Do they say God fearing or fears God rather than loves God?

Do they seem to have "fill in the blanks" ( )'s. Ex: Am (52) of age, I saw your profile on (

Do they say "am" rather than "I am"? Ex: Am Kelvin by name.

Do they seem to compliment you too much?

Did their spouse die in some accident or cancer?

Did their spouse cheat on them with their best friend?

Are they left with one or two children?

Do they seem to profess their love for you right away?

Do they repeat themselves?

Does the email seem to be excessively long for an introduction?

Do they use what looks like poetry?

Do they say that age is just a number?

Do they say age, color or distance does not matter?

Do they want you to reply to their "private" email?

Do they say they don't get on the site much and prefer that you email them.

Do they say they are almost always online.

Do they want to talk on IM immediately?

Do they want you to reply immediately?

Do they email you poems?

Do they sometimes forget your name or use someone else's name in an email to you?

Do they say "I care"?


Do they give you more than one email address?

Does it have two or more first names?

Does it have a male and female name?

Does it have a name in it that is not used on their profile?

    ex: Samuel S -


Do they use the annoying "Ding" or "Buzz" toooo much?

Do they seem to overuse emoticons, smileys, etc.?

Do they seem to want your "total" attention?

Do they want you to make your profile private or delete it?

Do they call you baby, sweety, hun, etc. constantly?

Does there seem to be long delays between their replies?

Do they reply with just "ok" frequently?

Do they ask about your family & friends right away?

Do they ask if you own or rent your home?

Do they ask you how much you make, especially hourly wage?

Do they want to talk on the phone immediately?

Do they often repeat questions?

Do they avoid certain questions you ask or are their answers vague?

Do they delay for long periods of time before answering specific questions because of a phone call, knock at the door, etc.?

Do they make comments about themselves that are not consistent with their profile or what they have said before?

Do they sometimes talk about subjects you have never discussed with them but think you have?

Do they say that a friend set up or uses their profile or IM sometimes?

Do they get aggravated or angry when you question inconsistencies in things they say?

Did something bad suddenly happen, robbed, child hurt or sick?

Does someone owe them money but won't pay?

Do they want you to show yourself on web cam?

Is their web cam broken or not working?

Do they question your pic or visibility?

Do they want you to send them more pics?

Do they say "brb" but never come back?

Do they seem to have internet connection problems frequently?

  When talking with them on IM, check some information on their profile and casually ask them questions and see if their answers are consistent with what is on their profile. Many scammers have many profiles and/or change their information often so they cannot remember everything.  
  If the given phone or fax number starts with 4470 it is a link number that connects you with anywhere in the world, but NOT to a real UK number.
The same is true with a phone or fax starting with 4487, that is a computer service provider or National link number NOT  in the UK. Numbers beginning with 44070, 44087, 70, 070, 87 & 087 WITHOUT a Country Code are the same. These numbers are used to hide their place of residence. You can be sure they are a fraudster or scammer.
Generally all Geographic landlines in the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland start with 441 or 442 and will be followed by 8 to 9 digits.


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